Monday, May 14, 2012

Make Me Vintage

shirt - uo / vintage harem pants - ebay / bag - forever 21 / sandals - sam edelman

This is the outfit I wore out on Mother's Day out with my girls and hubby.  My husband thinks these pants are so hideous, but if it were up to him, I'd be in a hoodie and jeans and uggs all the time, really!  All I needed was a lady at the Cheesecake Factory to say, "I love your pants" and I rubbed in my husbands face!  I'm a sucker for tribal print, like I've said before, and these were calling my name.  I picked them up on ebay at a vintage shop, forgot the name.  Went downtown for brunch and shopping then to the in-laws.  Turned out a faboulous day! I'm a lucky girl!! I do need to re-think taking a 2 year old to a crowded restaurant though, not cute!!


  1. well you know, what? i also love your pants! haha! i dont think men will ever "get" women's fashion. my bf really dislikes some of my choices, too! haha =) anyway, happy belated mothers day! i hope that you have a great start to your weekend!!

    xx james

  2. nice blog n i loveeeeeeeee the name:)